Our clients use an Aerobic digester

We are excited to bring the BMD machine’s Aerobic digester transformative capabilities to your attention. With its unparalleled efficiency in food waste breakdown, ability to handle liquid waste, remote control, and data-driven insights, the BMD is set to revolutionize your waste management practices.

Thank you for considering the BMD Aerobic digester as your partner in sustainable waste management. We look forward to the opportunity to learn more about your unique needs and offer tailored solutions.


Our Aerobic digesters

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Small Aerobic digester

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Medium Aerobic digester

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Large Aerobic digester


Machines with a waste capacity from 50  to 250 kilo’s / day.


Machines with a  waste capacity from 500 to 1000 kilo’s / day.


Machines with a waste capacity from 2500  to 10000 kilo / day.

Environmental Impact: Redefining Sustainable Practices

The BMD is drastically reducing CO2 emissions through the elimination of traditional waste transportation, it sets the stage for cleaner communities. The eradication of methane emissions, a potent greenhouse gas, adds a powerful climate change-fighting element to its repertoire. Moreover, the reduction of microplastics released from waste truck traffic contributes to healthier ecosystems and water bodies.

Operational Excellence: Efficiency and Ease Combined

The BMD machine is effortless food waste processing, reducing physical labor, and enhancing hygiene form its operational core. Bid farewell to pests and welcome real-time waste monitoring that empowers informed decisions. Your team’s efforts can be redirected towards higher-value tasks, thanks to BMD’s streamlined processes.

Unparalleled Advantages: BMD’s Distinct Edge

In a league of its own, the BMD machine surpasses competitors. It boasts advanced food waste breakdown capabilities, processes liquids and sauces efficiently, and offers remote control with data analytics for unparalleled insights. Chemical-free operation, seamless wastewater treatment, and prevention of grease accumulation underscore its unique advantages.

Financial Advantage: Paving the Way to Savings
Say hello to cost savings, eliminated container pickups and logistics. Reduced maintenance costs and optimized personnel efficiency further contribute to your bottom line. Additionally, BMD’s eco-friendly image aligns perfectly with modern consumer preferences, enhancing your reputation and market positioning.

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